Thursday, October 4, 2012

Idea Pouch!

Hi guys! I have been super busy over here sewing things for Sewing Summit and this is my favorite thing so far, by a LOT. I'm sure you all know Michelle Webster, the lovely lady behind Michelle Patterns (formerly Keykalou). This is her newest pattern - the Idea Pouch.

It holds the jumbo moleskine sketchbook or your iPad - I'm sure it would fit a kindle or nook as well. Then it has all these awesome spots for pens/pencils/etc and a pleated pouch that has room for a camera or phone or wallet or or or. You get the idea :-)

It was a little tricky to get a good shot of the inside but here goes - you could also customize the pen slots for scissors or paintbrushes or whatever strikes your fancy.

I used gray Essex Linen for the exterior and the yellow lining is something I found at Joann's. And I'll warn you now I love that lining so you'll be seeing more of it in the very near future :-)

OK peeps, anyone need a great holiday gift? Get sewing already! You can find the pattern here (as well as a bunch of other great ones, just go look already). Tomorrow - more bags! Shocking I know. Teehee.


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