Friday, October 5, 2012

Bags for Sewing Summit (maybe)

You already know I love bags, so of course I made a couple more to (maybe) take to Sewing Summit. I say maybe because a) they aren't Weekender bags, so are they cool enough? and b) I don't like to mix a bunch of patterns (call me crazy) but I like to wear ONE pattern per outfit. So until I decide what clothes I'm packing I won't know which bags either - I figure those decisions will be made about 1 hour before I leave for the airport ;-)

So this is the Kelly Bag from ithinksew - gray corduroy for the exterior and a fun olive green polka dot for the interior. I also made a batch of button pins and added one to this bag. I use a mix of vintage and new buttons and these are just so fun and easy to make. The colors in this one seemed perfect for this bag.

Bag number two is the Mini Flap Purse pattern from Jen Giddens. I'm guessing I'll end up making every bag pattern Jen has created - they're all striking. The exterior on this bag is the Woodgrain fabric from Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 line. Love this fabric so ridiculously much.

See, told you, I love that yellow as well. Usually more of a green girl but this is just working for me

                                                     Does this one need a button pin?

     Love this green and orange combo on a coconut shell button (but does it clash with the yellow?).

                                                 This one totally goes but does it get lost?

                                               So what do you think, button or no button?


  1. Lovely bags and yes to a button!

  2. Definitely, a button! I like the last one -- flower shape with small brown petals and big yellow center. I also adore Joel Dewberry's woodgrain fabric. Great choice for the purse.

  3. Yes! I love the green/orange combo, and I LOVE the bag -- it's fabulous. I keep almost-buying that lining print at JoAnn. I think I need it now.

    I'm just bringing a Jane Market Bag to SS -- no Weekender for me. We can walk around with our non-Weekender bags and everyone will wonder who the mysterious non-Weekender gals are.

  4. Love these both, but the woodgrain bag, LOVE it! Big yes to the button, I like the green/orange, it pops!

  5. DEFINITELY COOL ENOUGH!!! And I really like the orange & green button - doesn't clash one bit!


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