Friday, September 28, 2012

September cupboard

 Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe we're at the end of September already? Me either. I swear it was just January. It was pointed out to me by one of my favorite readers that I hadn't shown my September cupboard yet. Gah! Called out! I'd love to tell I forgot but the truth is, it wasn't quite done.
 This month's display was put together a little here and a little there. I made a new mini quilt that I LOVE. I think I've loved probably 7 of the 9 I've made so far this year - pretty good if you ask me!
 Harper's contribution - from the story I think much feather blowing happened at school the day these were made, it cracks me up just thinking about 8 three-year-olds chasing a rooms full of feathers.
 Owl from Target (Patch collection I think - I toyed with painting it black, I think I'd like the contrast, but for now I'm leaving it gold). New oak leaf and acorn hoop.
 Just a couple tiny bits of fall happiness - oh it's still supposed to be 88 here today but I can dream.
 New tiny pumpkin hoop - wool felt and embroidery. Took way longer than it should have.
 Oak leaves found on one of our nature walks - I traced and cut them out of wool felt, added some acorns (because we LOVE acorns around here) and a month of sewing here and there later, voila!
 Every time I picked this up to sew a few stitches on my child suddenly zeroed in on me and wanted to "help" which is why it took approximately 100 times longer to finish than I anticipated. Said with love.
 These mini quilts have been awesome for trying out new quilt blocks. I used some of the amazing wood grain fabric from Aviary 2 - seriously one of my all time favorites.
 This was the RiverBank block from the Modern Blocks book (99 blocks by different designers, compiled by Susanne Wood). It came together easily and I love the impact of the center stripe. I did make mine offset - I just thought it added a little interest.
And finally one gratuitous cute kid shot - new haircut just about killed me. It made her look way too grown-up even though it's adorable.

Hope you have a good weekend - see you back here next week with an update on all I've been sewing for Sewing Summit! (No pressure from all the other weekender bags and amazing clothes I see being whipped together all over blogland and Instgram - HA).

Oh and I am completely in love with Instagram - you can find me as darcychildress if you're hooked too :-)

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  1. Love how you have pulled such lovely pieces together for this display...


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