Friday, September 14, 2012

Holy Hamster in my Machine!

 In case you have this thought (I wonder if my machine might need to be cleaned out...) like I did, let me go ahead and tell you yes, Yes it probably DOES need to be cleaned out. I mean eeeww! And I feel like I've been sewing a fair amount lately but not a crazy amount, not even as much as I'd really like to be (Laundry, dinner, the kid - these things all cut into my sewing time. I know you know).
So Deborah did a great series on her blog back at the end of June about machine maintenance and cleaning and I thought I'll get around to it. Clearly I could have done it sooner but at least the hamster's worth of lint and lint-turned-into-felt is finally out of there. And I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but it sews like a new machine! Whee! And I didn't have to spend $100 for a cleaning and "tune-up". Sweet.

Oh and I am in NO WAY comfortable disassembling or reassembling ANYTHING. Ask my husband or best friend - the people I usually call on for help. But Deborah's videos are great and I was brave and you can be too!

Have a great weekend, see you back here next week :-)

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  1. My machine sounded funny a few weeks ago and I did everything I could think of - rethreaded, new needle, took the bobbin out and put back in, all the simple things. Then I realized I hadn't cleaned it since we moved here. It wasn't as bad as yours, LOL, but it was pretty bad! Afterward, it sounded fine!


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