Thursday, September 13, 2012

Easy Peasy Charm Square Baby Quilt

We welcomed a new baby almost three weeks ago, she came about five weeks early but baby and mom and fine and home now and we are all so in LOVE with her already! Harper and I wanted to make her something special to welcome her home so "we" whipped up this baby quilt. I used two charm packs I had from the It's a Hoot line and Harper's job was mostly rearranging them :-)

Here's the world's shortest "tutorial":
- Take 2 charm packs and pull 56 squares out
- Arrange in a way that looks good to you, 7 squares across, 8 down
- Sew, Sandwich, Quilt, Bind
- HAhaha

I'm hilarious right? Seriously, this makes a great size for a stroller quilt or tummy time playmat and the best part? This layout fits perfectly on ONE yard of backing fabric! I let Harper pick out the backing and she choose a pink AMH flannel from the Good Folks line that I'd been hoarding, that kid has good taste!

I mean, come ON! Does it get any cuter than that?!


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