Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trio of Totes

 So we took a little family vacation when my husband finished up his long work trips. We thought it would be fun to relax and reconnect and check out a new city and when tickets to Denver went on sale we jumped on them. I asked Diana over at Whipstitch (who I swear knows everything) if she knew of any fun fabric/crafty stores in Denver or Boulder and of course she did. Thus began my love affair with The Fancy Tiger.
When I saw their Market Tote pattern in this Melody Miller fabric it was love at first sight. Serious, must drop everything and make that, LOVE. I knew it was absolutely meant to be when Whipstitch still had a 3/4 yard piece waiting for me there in the store - the last piece. Whew. I wanted to take this on our trip and so I wanted it to be sturdy enough to carry my things and some of the extra 8000 things Harper normally wants me to carry. I used a heavy weight canvas for the interior on mine and added a little Loulouthi trim to the pocket and while my machine didn't love sewing through all the layers it turned out great. I used Shape Flex on the exterior print and carried it everywhere while we were gone.
 Then I made one as a thank you gift  - the recipient loves orange and blue and I thought this gorgeous Amy Butler print would fit the bill nicely. Fun and summery, yes? This one was made from two quilting weight cottons and I only interfaced the exterior fabric and straps with Shape Flex (one of my two favorite interfacings). Still good but definitely lighter than the one made with the canvas interior.
 Love the contrast this pocket provides on the interior. Loved all the pockets on all of them actually.
 Finally a back-to-school bag for my BFF. I found this MM fabric in Denver and knew she would love this colorway. Even though the canvas gave a nice shape to the bag the colors available aren't that fun. I know you know what I mean when I say fun is important in a bag (teehee). So for this one I used a Kona that coordinated (almost) with the exterior. I interfaced everything with Shape Flex (including the straps) and it worked out so well - heavy enough to feel like it had a nice body but still easy enough for my machine to tackle without complaining.
Another fun pocket from an exterior scrap! And I while am sad that school is right around the corner I am happy to report she loved it. Really truly loved it. It's so satisfying to make something for another maker who gets what handmade means and will use and appreciate it.

So if you're looking for an easy, very customizable, functional bag you need to check out this pattern from The Fancy Tiger - you can buy the pdf from their etsy shop or ask them for a listing for a hard copy. They also have a blog full of inspiration and if you find yourself in Denver, CO it is worth making time to check out their lovely shop. They aren't even paying me to say this ;-)

How about tomorrow I share some of the pictures I took there? Just for fun!
And I haven't forgotten the fabric folding pictures either!


  1. Oh how I love Fancy Tiger!! Their yarn section is amazing, so is there selection of laminate fabric and liberty and other kokka, and and and! It is truly a FIND! So glad you guys had a family vacation, and hope it was just what you were needing. Miss you and H! xoxo

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