Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer of the Tank Top

 I almost wrote up a "summer manifesto" at the beginning of the summer, something along the lines of what Erin at House on Hill Road did for her Spring Manifesto - just a lovely list of things she hoped to savor and accomplish, enjoy and create. I'm a big believer in journalling and the magic that comes with writing things down. But time got away from me (if you've met my non-stop kid, or have a toddler of your own, I'm sure you understand) and it just didn't happen. I love the idea and I'm definitely planning on doing it but this summer, well, this summer just kind of took it's own course. It turned into the summer of sprinkles (on our new love of frozen yogurt - or "ice cream" as Harper calls it), the summer of swimming at the pool with our BFF's and the summer of the Wiksten Tank Top.
I made them, I wore them, I love them. I love the convenience of pdf patterns that magically appear in my inbox, not requiring a trip anywhere in the summer heat. I love how quick and easy this pattern is - perfect if you're a new or nervous clothes sew-er (sew-ist? seamstress?). I love how cool they are for summer and how I can layer a sweater over them if fall ever comes. It was the perfect summer top and I can't recommend it more. Ali at asquaredw made some tanks and you can find her changes here. The girls at Fancy Tiger made a million (almost) - even with Liberty of London! Which I'm sure feels divine but I'm not that brave yet! But I think after my tank top success I am surely ready to move on to the Wiksten Tova top - stay tuned for a full report :-)


  1. Love the look of these! They are just so easy to wear in summer...


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