Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Easiest Dry Erase Board - an almost tuorial

 I was at Target doing some back-to-preschool shopping and I couldn't find a cute dry erase board (which was a strange feeling for Target, I usually always come out with at least $100 of cute stuff I never knew I needed). Then I realized I could make my own with an IKEA frame!
 I feel kind of guilty even calling this a tutorial because it's really pretty easy but here goes - I used one of the bigger (almost 12x16") frames and I used the paper from the inside as my cutting guide.
Cut some of your favorite fabric and pop it in the frame - I promise I ironed this even though it looks crazy wrinkled. These frames are about $4 at our IKEA.
 Voila! A completely customized dry erase board for under $10! I will tell you that I took the protective plastic film off before writing on the plastic that covers the framed fabric. I also have learned that while cheap the IKEA dry erase pens don't wipe off very well if you leave them on for more than a few minutes, so "splurge" on a better dry erase pen. I like Crayola ones.
You could even get all crazy creative and do some fancy patchwork or embroidery to frame - what can I say, I'm an over-achiever (BWHAhaha). Harper has been loving this for drawing and I've been using one for a WIP list in the craft room. I love that I can use any fabric and can change it any time.

Don't live near an IKEA to take advantage of their eapy-cheapy frames? Sorry. Didn't mean to tease you :-)


  1. This is too funny! I just did this same thing and wrote a tutorial on my blog too! Great minds thing alike??


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