Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Shower #2

 Warning: photo heavy post! 2012 has turned out to be the year of the baby in our family, with both my brother and sister welcoming their first babies, one in May, the other (possibly) in September. So this was the 2nd baby shower at my house this year! A record that I can't imagine ever being beat :-) So I went with my sister's nursery colors as the shower colors.
 August's mini quilt - a disappearing 9 patch (just sliced it up and rearranged it in a way I thought looked good - if there is a "right" way, I don't know it!). These aren't colors I would normally choose together and I loved them - so sunny and bright.
 I used all the pieces I could from around the house, as well as some new pots from Ikea and a few choice vintage pieces that have been gifted to me from family.
 This lovely felt flower will live in Harper's room next month. I followed Not Martha's felt Dahlia brooch tutorial but glued the base circle to the yellow fabric before I attached the petals. I used Fabric Tac glue to do the whole thing but I think I'm going to sew the next one - less messy.
 My Paint Something Workshop masterpiece! Vase and flowers from IKEA and vintage glass.
 Grocery store flowers - how happy do they look?! Now to keep them alive. Wish us all luck ;-)
 Bunting that's back lit is terrifically hard to photograph. Made my own bias tape (even AFTER a trip to Hancock's to buy some. Ended up home with a pack double fold and a pack of single fold that looked EXACTLY alike. Thanks for that Coats and Clarke. And thanks to Hancock's for ALWAYS being in a state of disarray and half-stocked confusion. Aargh.) then I cut rectangles of varying length and pinned them to the bias tape while it was hanging to get the right placement.
 I did find the cute bird fabric at Hancock's which was a pleasant surprise. Harper said "it's SO BEAUTIFUL Mom" once it was done, so I'm not going to get higher praise than that, am I?
 We had food everywhere you looked.
 Special thanks to Target for having a whole summer line in the right colors that looked fabulous!
 You knew there would be cupcakes right?
 Chocolate buttermilk with peanut butter frosting.
 The BEST carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I took a page from Gwen's book and bought these adorable fondant cupcake toppers from Apple Blossom Cupcakes on etsy, she was happy to do custom colors and I was thrilled with how they turned out. Everyone LOVED them and I was thrilled with how easy it was to get decorated cupcakes that were ridiculously easy.
The pile of gifts was much larger but this was the sweet chenille bunny I found at a local craft fiar earlier in the year, in the nursery colors! Couldn't believe my luck! And those cute plastic berry containers from Target filled with some of our favorites. It was a fun day with family and friends and I think the parents-to-be left happy and full, as it should be. Now to meet that baby!


  1. What a beautiful shower! You did a great job. I have to tell you, I love your birdy painting so much!!

  2. The shower looked super fun! Sweet August mini too!


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