Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome May!

Not to sound like a broken record (since I'm pretty sure I'm saying this every month) but MAY? Seriously? May already? I feel like I blinked and it went from December to May. Oh and May with July temperatures here in Georgia, which means almost ninety every day this week. NINETY people. Gross I tell you, just gross. It's so hot we're inside most of the day which makes me sad for the long summer ahead. Glad climate change is just a myth.

Sorry for the digression! Here's my May mini - I started it for April but then it didn't seem right for Easter. And of course now I think something with flowers would have been better for May. Maybe the second half of May? Teehee - alright, alright, maybe NEXT May. ;-)

I clearly decided to go with a bird theme all-around this month! This is a Geninne Zlatkis print that I found already framed at Urban Outfitters in March. I love her birds so ridiculously much. I have a couple of prints from her etsy store too. This pulling from what I already have each month has been great because it's making me get things that I love OUT and into rotation. Yay!

This sweet little bird came from Melissa over at Little Pink House. The woman in a genius with felt and a sewing inspiration. She has a lovely blog and etsy shop if you're so inclined.

My happy story from last week: I saw this very rocking chair in a magazine recently, a current magazine, and fell in love with it. As in drove immediately to IKEA to buy it kind of love. Where I was promptly told that they STOPPED SELLING IT several years ago??!! Really?! Why feature a chair that isn't sold anymore in your magazine? Just to make innocent people like me crazy? Craigslist to the rescue! Yup, as incredible as it seems, within a week I scored this one in great condition on craigslist! Long live craig! I'd like a new cover, I'm thinking some of these at Bemz are awesome. My husband suggested dying the one on there but without a top loading washer that seems like a fool's errand. I ordered some fabric swatches from Bemz and I'll keep you posted. Already love it SO much!

When I can get this silly munchkin out of it that is! She actually said "take MY picture mom", words I swear she has never said before, so how could I resist? She's doing this completely scrunched eye, fake smile that cracks me. Two and a half and already with the fake smile - geez.

Oh and are you guys reading Momastery yet? She's doing a week of miracles and it's inspiring, go read for yourself. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Again, love your themed shelves and awesome about the chair find - that IS so odd they didn't have it. Good luck fixing it up.

  2. That's a rocking chair? Now I want one too!

  3. That chair is awesome! I can't believe they put it in a magazine if it's no longer sold. Ridiculous! But awesome that you got your hands on one anyway :) Loving the bird theme!


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