Monday, May 14, 2012

My Precious QAL Quilt

First let me say THANKS to Kelly over at Kelby Sews for dreaming up this wonderful quilt-a-long, it's a great concept and I think she's motivated so many people to make so many beautiful things, well done Kelly! Then let me introduce you to my newest quilt love: my Anna Maria Horner 1600 quilt. TA-DA! And oh boy is it LOVE!

I had no intention of joining this quilt-a-long. I have way too many other WIP's making me feel guilty to start anything new. But a couple of things happened to change my mind. I started looking at the flickr group and seeing all the unbelievable beauty happening. I also happened by Whipstitch and saw Deborah's 1600 quilt hanging there. Then I actually researched how to make a 1600 quilt from one jelly roll and thought I can do THAT. Finally I had a puny kid for most of one week who only wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV, allowing me unusual time in the crafting/playroom. So I dug out my hoarded jelly roll of AMH fabric - Good Folks (!!) and the roll I'd bough of Innocent Crush fabrics and I got busy sewing. I wasn't nearly as fast as some of the stories I'd read but still, for me, I was like lightening. I finished this quilt (and I really meaning finished, like washed and dried and ready to snuggle) in less than a week people. LESS THAN A WEEK. Which for me is nothing short of a miracle.

I could not love it any more if I tried. I backed it with three different shot cottons. The front has so many warm colors that I decided to go with cools one on the back and the shot cottons are almost as soft as the AMH fabrics that make up the front. Oh and you-know-who's favorite color is blue so I had her complete and utter stamp of approval. I just quilted it very simply following the lines of the strips in the front - I want to get better at free motion quilting but not on such a precious quilt ;-)

The best part of all this? My precious kid loves that precious quilt as much as I do! I've been inspired by Kelly and everyone participating to get those "precious" fabrics off the shelf or out of the closet and USE them. And I can tell you that my heart is full of much more LOVE when I see my girl snuggling under that quilt than it ever was looking at those strips sitting on the closet shelf. It turns out there is no "right" project for your hoarded fabric, because they're ALL the right projects. Dive in, be brave and get cutting! You'll be shocked at how happy it might make you - I was :-)


  1. Oh my, Darcy! Stunning!

  2. this is the prettiest 1600 quilt ever.

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  4. The quilt is absolutely beautiful! And I love the back, too. I need to check out this 1600 quilt. n entire quilt in a week?!? Blows my mind! And I love what you said about your heart being more full seeing your daughter under than quilt than seeing the fabric sitting on the shelf. Love it!

  5. Call me inspired!!! Love it! Going to read up on it now... Great quilt, great job!

  6. totally inspired me and yours is so much nicer than the ones on the link :) Maybe because I LOVE Anna Maria Horner, and also yours has such variety. Going to get some Amy Butler and mix in a bit of Anna Maria and make one too.


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