Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My new bag LOVE

I will be the first to admit that I am a bag junkie (I actually prefer the term connoisseur, but you get the idea). I was lucky enough to meet Ali recently and she brought her version of this bag when we met for breakfast. I was instantly smitten. It's a great size with nice cleans lines and able to be played with and personalized a bit. The only problem? She was pattern testing for Michelle and I had to wait forever to get the actual pattern. Ok, forever was probably a few weeks but it felt like forever. So as soon as Michelle released her Pretty Pleats Tote pattern I knew exactly what I wanted to do - showcase some of my precious Flea Market Fancy. Kelly's My Precious Q-A-L really got me thinking about using my favorites instead of just letting them just sit. I knew this bag would be the an awesome way to put that FMF to use. And you know what? I AM IN LOVE!

I made a patchwork panel from some long 1 1/2" strips of FMF and cut the center strip from that pieced panel. The exterior body is Essex Linen. Then I used some of my favorite green medallion print for the interior. I added a pocket for my phone too. I love how this showcases the fabrics without being overwhelming. This pattern is SO well written and photographed even a beginning sewer could make it! It goes together so easily and quickly and there are so many cute variations that you'll be tempted to make more than one. I know I'm already planning several more ;-)

This was just to give you an idea of how I did my patchwork - you can customize yours however you like! Oh and not to brag but I was at one of my LQS and even the owner told me how much she loved this bag (and she's not a person who gushes). A win I tell you! Thanks Michelle for such an awesome pattern!


  1. isn't this a great pattern? I need to make another one for a gift, then one for me!

  2. I love the bag, Darcy! The combo of the patchwork and the Essex Linen is perfect. I just added this pattern to my favorites. I think I may have found my next bag pattern :) Gorgeous!

  3. THis bag is perfect isn't it!? I just made myself one too. I was waiting anxiously for that pattern too!


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