Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teacher Appreciation gifts

Since teacher appreciation week (usually the first week in May) is right around the corner I've been trying to get some things put together for H's lovely teachers - without waiting until the last minute (who me? what?). I found these black ruffle canvas bags at Michael's for 6.99 each and with my coupon I think they ended up being close to 5.50 - score! You know I love to make things but some times things that are cuted up are just fine too :-)

So I sewed rick rack on the straps, purple on one, brown on the other and WHY in the world can't I find JUMBO purple rick rack??!! I looked everywhere. Found none. Annoyed me almost to death. Let it go, moved on - obviously ;-) So I tried to go with colors I see each teacher wearing, hopefully I'm guessing right on their preferences.

Then as a final cute-y cuteness I made up some of these flower button pins from Beki's tutorial. Genius - easy and super cute. But I will warn you making them is highly addictive. Highly. You need glass and bead glue and the little metal clasp pins to go with your buttons and you're all set. This is a project for moms though, the glue is not little person friendly.The only tough part now will be trying to decide which ones to actually pin on the bags.

After talking with some other moms in H's class I think we've decided to do a collaborative project for Teacher Appreciation week and save the bigger gifts for the end of the year thank you gifts. Our end of the year is a mere two weeks later! So the two projects we're thinking about are: 1) each student brings a flower for each teacher, one parent supplies a small vase for each and they each have a bouquet by the end of the day or 2) each student brings in a piece or two of fruit, one parent supplies a basket for each teacher and they end up with a nice basket of fresh fruit. I love these because no one has to do too much but the teachers each have a token of our appreciation. If anyone has other group ideas I'd love to hear them!

Oh and the bar cookies from my last post? SUPER rich, delicious but cut them into small squares. I did 16 squares from an 8" pan and they were a lot to eat - impressive I know. I didn't have any problem putting away all the pecan crinkles that were left though ;-)


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for linking to the POV link party.

  2. Awesome idea, and I love the button flower embellishments. Perfect choice! Thanks for linking up to POV :)

  3. Those button flowers are darling! I am thinking I need to go find some of those cute bags too. Thanks for linking up to Point of View!


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