Friday, March 16, 2012

Whew, SO glad it's Friday!

What a week, no in fact, what a month it's been. I'll spare you the gory details but family drama and sad anniversarys have made this a month I'm ready to see be done. Sorry if it's been a bit quiet around here, hoping to get back our normal rhythm soon. Like today :-)

I've been so nutty this week I thought today was the 15th - it's not. Not even a little. So I mailed my For The Love of Solids Swap a day late - whoops. Hate that though, I really, really like being the early one so to be the late one kind of kills me. I'll live. But anyhoo, here's the mini quilt I ended up making for my partner. I had a hard time making up my mind about what to make this round. To the point where I cut out three different quilts!

Totally my problem, just wanting to make the "right" thing. So after a couple false starts I decided to just go for it with this wonky log cabin that was in my partner's inspiration mosaic. I'm usually a very careful measure-er and an over-pinner and a slow sewer. Not with this baby! To the point where my husband actually stopped and said, "uh, WHAT are you doing?!". I told him I was going for it! And I did! I think you can tell whether you've made something good to swap or not based on whether or not you want to keep it a little. That was definitely the case here so I feel good about sending it off to it's new home. I hope my partner is happy with it too!

Now off to a bizarrely warm spring weekend where all the dogwoods and azaleas are all blooming a month early - I'm hoping this doesn't foreshadow a sweltering summer - but I'm going to get outside and enjoy the weather while I can! :-)


  1. oooh, wish that package was coming to me! We have to find time to swap this summer, deal?
    And that little bunting bag (?) adorable!!

    I'm sorry the month hasn't been a good one so far, I hope things start to look up soon! xo

  2. Love your little quilt! Sorry life has been so unsettling...hope things feel better soon...

  3. This quilt is amazing, Darcy! I love the colors. Your swap partner will be thrilled, I'm sure.

    Hope you're feeling better :)


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