Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday at the Table: Cookbooks I have loved

Debbie over at A Quilter's Table is a lady after my own heart, she's all about fabric and food! I'm sure she's about even more than that but those two things are pretty much the heart of her lovely blog. Her post today inspired this one.

So first I counted my cookbooks. This bookcase is the one close-est to the kitchen - we have an open kitchen/living room so this is in the living room right next to the kitchen. These are the ones I find myself reaching for the most frequently these days. Many of these are geared towards the age-old "what in the @#$* are we going to have for dinner?!" - which somehow manages to sneak up on me most every day.

After shocking myself with the number of cookbooks that one unassuming bookcase holds I moved on back to the craft room. We call it the craft room but it's more like a multi-purpose sewing, crafting, kid stuff and library rolled into one. Oh and there's a futon in there for the occasional overnight guest. his is where the BIG bookcases live - the IKEA ones that hold way more than they should. Try to look past the pile of toys and not be jealous of my circa '79 paint-by-numbers masterpiece. I'm not going to put my total here because my dear husband does stop by once in a while and I don't want to give him a heart attack but Debbie, I might have you beat. Yikes!

So here are the three that sprang to mind when I first read Debbie's post. The Better Homes and Gardens '68 edition was the cookbook I grew up on. The one that my mom got as a wedding gift. This one is not my mom's copy, but I have my name on it for the will. This is the one that held the decadent pecan caramel rolls that we had every Christmas morning. The one I used when I was first trying to "sneak" and bake my first solo recipe when I was probably 7 (corn sticks, kind of like cornbread - they turned out fine). The one I used to attempt to make petit fours with a poured fondant icing when I was 10 (utter failure and frustration).

The Fannie Farmer Baking Book was a Christmas gift from my mom the year I was 16 - I still have the card inside with the inscription marking it as the first in my "cookbook collection" and so it was. I continued to bake my way through high school with delight. Home made donuts? Sure. Cookies, bread, pizza? Yes, yes and yes.

Finally the Wellesley Cookie Exchange Cookbook was the first cookbook I bought for myself as I wandered the university bookstore my first semester living away from home. There wasn't much opportunity to bake anything in the dorms which may have influenced my eventual decision to return home and go to a school I could commute to.

As I look back baking (and cooking) has been such a constant in my life, what I do for friends and family, how I express love and support, how I give comfort. Oh and sometimes just for FUN. Thanks so much to Debbie for inspiring this trip down memory lane.

I had hoped to get some sewing done today but my tiny dictator had such a meltdown (and I do mean MELTDOWN) at school when I tried to drop her off that I just brought her back home. I mean, she's two, they aren't doing SAT prep yet. So we'll try again Thursday and hopefully be back to our normal, drama free drop-off. Tomorrow I have a yummy cookie recipe to share and maybe, maybe (fingers crossed, whispering so as not to tempt fate) I might have some sewing to share closer to the end of the week :-)


  1. Oh I love this post, Darcy! ;-) We DO have alot in common, right down to the petit fours with a poured fondant icing(utter failure and frustration! Thanks for sharing - I loved hearing about your cookbook history of sorts!

  2. I *wish* I had that many cookbooks, but for now I can continue to use the excuse that I truly have no ideas for dinner! ha, if you only knew how many times I actually say that...

    Hope Thurs is better for the little!

  3. Wow! What a nice collection! Best of luck with drop-off next time.

  4. Come on - tell us the number - your husband wont read the comments!

  5. Come on - tell us the number - your husband wont read the comments!

  6. I can't believe you have that many cookbooks, Darcy! I can't believe Debbie has that many! I probably have twenty tops. I love how much your love of baking and cooking shines through in every word of this post.


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