Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday!

Today was a very happy Monday for me indeed - my entry into the Tangerine Tango Challenge WON second place in the Mini category! The competition was as impressive as the judges and a big thanks to them, as well as all those who offered me advice and support during the making. It's so exciting to see something in your head, actually make it look similar and then have others like it as much as you do!

Go check out all the fabulous winners on Ali's lovely blog Asquaredw.
All the amazing entries are also still up in the flickr group!

Then as if that wasn't enough greatness for one day, my For The Love of Solids Swap package arrived all the way from Australia!! Wow! Check out the amazing pieced mini quilt - those are so my colors and since I haven't been brave enough to try any paper piecing yet I'm doubly thrilled with this work of fabric art now hanging on my wall.

As if the mini wasn't enough I also received a beautiful pillow cover and some TimTams - if you aren't familiar with them they are this yummy chocolate cookie with a chocolate mousse filling. Pepperidge Farm actually sells them here in the states during December but the rest of the year they are an Australian only treat. We know about them from my cousin's semester abroad and my husband's recent business trip, so I was thrilled to see them Not as thrilled to have to share them but I'll try ;-)
Thanks a MILLION to my lovely swap partner Kim! I love it all!

My secret swap item is *almost* done - inspiration struck at the 11th hour on this one. I'll be sharing it a little later in the week. Hope your Monday had some happiness too :-)


  1. Congratulations, Darcy!!! I'm not the least bit surprised. Your mini is beautiful. And lucky you... great swap package, too :)

  2. Yay for you!! That's so exciting! That mini really is something specialu - congrats!!

  3. What a great day! It's especially exciting about the Tangerine Tango!! Congrats, Darcy!!

  4. Yay Darcy!!!! Congrats! And seriously awesome swap package!

  5. Yay Darcy! Congratulations, great job!


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