Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's day mini quilt

We have this built in cupboard next to our fireplace and it's been a great spot for me to change up the decorations from time to time. This year I'm thinking I might aim for monthly just for fun and when I saw Megan's Valentine's Day Mini Quilt Tutorial I knew it would be just the thing.

Now I will tell you that Half Square Triangles and I have had a rocky relationship at best in the past but I think we may have finally made our peace! Well except for the fact that when I laid out my initial squares I had two that were way to small. How had I cut them that small? I remeasured - the small ones were 3 inches EXACTLY. All the others? Trimmed to a perfect 3 and 1/4 inches. Doh. So rather than trim them all again I just sewed two more HST and trimmed them wrong to match and voila - I was good to go ;-)

I substituted a turquoise for the white in the original tutorial because it'll also look great with the colors in H's room later. It also goes with the fab valentine's heart I scored from Melissa over at Little Pink House a while back! I was so pleased with how my zigzags turned out - everything lined up so nicely and with only one seam ripped out, success! It was a little big for the space but I love it anyway. So nice to get something DONE and love it.

So I've included pictures of the things I put out in February and January (I don't think I showed it during January). I'm trying to use what I have to cute the place up, so when you say to yourself "are those beanie babies I see down there?" the answer is yes. And a big fat bowl of Christmas ornaments too! What can I say other than, they worked!

January I went with green and yellow and included a wonky log cabin potholder I bought from Ashley at Film in the Fridge - love it so so much (it'll NEVER touch a hot gooey casserole you can bet on that!).


  1. its very pretty xxx and i think its lovely how you change out the decorations too... looks like two different cabinets :)

  2. Love the mini, Darcy. It's beautiful. And I think it fits perfectly in that space.


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