Friday, February 10, 2012

TGIF and a little doodle project

Happy Friday to you! I don't know about you but I am always so happy to have made it through the week to another Friday, it just feels like like life kind of lets it's breath out and relaxes a little bit as the day winds down.

I want to share a project that H and I worked on over several days this week, it has a lot of pictures but that's because I want you to see how simple it was and think about making one yourself - or with a favorite kiddo!

Kind of inspired by/for Valentine's day here is our doodle heart - oh so appropriate for my dear doodlebug :-)

And before you say I could never do that I am here to say yes, YOU CAN and show you how!

You can find all these supplies at Walmart or any craft supply store and YAY for Walmart putting the craft/fabric section back in! Just makes craft supply shopping with two year old so easy.

So, tray from warehouse club to keep your table clean (I also use a laminated tablecloth just in case). I used two shades of pink acrylic paint, a light and dark - just pick two you like. And if you don't like pink use a light and dark of any color. I used a sponge brush and squirted the color right on the canvas and spread it around, sides too. Let it dry.

Next up is clear contact paper - you can find it with the shelf paper. It has a nice grid already on it and it sticky on one side. Cut a piece slightly bigger than your canvas - you want to be able to wrap it around the sides (like wrapping a gift). Next cut out a heart of any scrap paper - you can lay it out going up and down or across if you'd rather - and trace it one the contact paper with a sharpie.

Cut out the heart - pinch the heart in the middle and cut a slit where you've pinched, this will give you an easy place to start cutting from the inside of the heart.

Once your heart is cut out center it over the canvas and peel the backing off. The backing is sticky enough to stick to itself and trust me, this is a pain. But you can gently unstick it if this happens and still use it.

You've just made a giant, custom stencil for your canvas. Did you know you were so crafty? I knew you could do it!

Center the sticky paper over the canvas and press to stick - you just want to make sure that it is tight enough to the canvas to keep the paint out.

Wrap it all the way around the edges, especially if you're working with a small, very enthusiastic painter like mine ;-)

Now just like you only used one color (light and dark) for the base color you're going to do the same thing for the heart color. Pick a color you like, we used teal, and then use a light and dark plus some white for blending.

You can see this was clearly the best part of the project for H! I just let her go to town because I knew the canvas was protected by the contact paper.

I stopped her when I could see that the heart was fully covered and there were still some streaks of paint that weren't totally mixed together - this will give it a nice painterly look.

Let it dry completely then peel the contact paper off gently and slowly.

Voila! Check out your awesome work!

Now for the fun part for me - the doodling that you saw in the first picture. I used a paint pen - fine tip sized - also from the craft section at Walmart. I started by tracing a thick line around the heart and then just added more and more doodles. There is no right or wrong way to do the doodling and no matter what you make I promise it will turn out cute. If you're nervous practice some doodles on paper first. Some artists whose drawing styles I love are: Geninne Zlatkis, Jennifer Judd-McGee and Alisa Burke. Another good resource is flickr - search doodle or zentangle for inspiration.

So I couldn't decide what it needed in the center and my husband suggested we let H draw her own initial since that is SO much a part of our life right now and I thought that was a perfect way to commemorate this phase. We traced where it would go with our fingers and then I put the pen where she needed to start on the canvas and then just let her do her thing - she's had plenty of practice.

I think my favorite thing is how happy and proud she is of these projects we've been doing - I know we're making great memories and cute art for our home but we're also building this foundation of success and pride for her to build on. All good. And you CAN do this too! Don't say I'm not crafty like that, say ooh that looks like something I can manage, because you can. YOU CAN! And your kid will think you are a rock star for even trying :-)

Finally a shot of the wall of art in progress in H's room - a little slice of life. She's also into closing EVERY door in the house ALL the time lately, making the poor cat completely nuts...I hope you have a lovely weekend, full of relaxation and maybe a little creativity :-)

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