Friday, February 3, 2012

The great BIG H

H might as well be for HAPPY Friday today - daddy is coming back from his three week trip down under tomorrow and we are couldn't be happier (may be in part due to the fact that I am almost out of entertainment ideas!).

While I was holding down the fort I tried to find some artsy-crafty projects to do with the kiddo. She's genetically pre-programmed to love art and doesn't disappoint with her enthusiasm in this area. But I have to be honest and say that even with my background in art education it can be challenging to find projects she can enjoy while also ending up with something cute. Don't get me wrong, we do plenty of "art exploration" activities and we both have a great time with those as well - what two year old doesn't love a big plate full of gooey paint?! But I've been looking to expand our crafty horizons and this project turned out great, so I thought I'd share.

I bought this giant H at JoAnn's for about $4. The paint is acrylic and you can find at any craft store or Walmart.
I like using the sponge "brushes" for this project and they're good in general for little kids. Easy to use and good coverage! Since the acrylic paint is NOT water soluble once it's dry I did this part myself.

Painted the H yellow, let dry. Wiped on some white paint then wiped OFF with a damp paper towel - not completely off but about half way. I thought the yellow was a little bit brighter than I wanted and the white toned it down.

I like to use the cardboard trays you can find at Costco or Sam's Club for painting - easy to contain the mess. If you get ones big enough you can tape paper in the bottom for less sliding while painting - very handy!
Voila! A giant yellow H!

Now for the fun part - I bought a couple bags of mixed buttons at Hancock's (but any assortment of button would do - or even pompoms, ooh! fun!). These had a variety of sizes and colors, including some really big buttons.

Once the H was totally dry I spilled the beans, er, buttons out on the table and miss H could not have been more thrilled. Sorting anything is so much fun right now! If only she felt that way about the laundry...

So we played and we sorted. And we sorted and we played. All this in our PJ's no less, yup, just the way we roll around here when it's just us girls ;-)

H started arranging the buttons and telling me where to glue them - for the record she is shockingly good at directing me to do things. Does not bode well for my future I fear.

We ended up taking the buttons off and gluing them on one by one. I used E6000 glue which isn't one a toddler could use normally but I put a dab of glue and she put the button on. She's pretty careful and got no glue on her fingers (to my surprise and delight). I really did let her put the buttons where ever she wanted which was shamefully hard for my type A art teacher self. But I don't want her to remember being told what to do every step of the way, I want her to have some ownership too. I think that being two must be frustrating in so many ways, you're too small to do most of what you want, no one pays much attention to your opinion (even when you shout it) and no one thinks chocolate is an acceptable meal. *sigh* Life can be tough for the little and I think giving some control over now and then going a long way towards our general happiness around here.

So we let the H dry overnight in the garage (that glue is slightly smelly). The payoff? She is IN LOVE with her GIANT H (as she's calling it). I was worried about figuring out how to hang it - pffff. She's never going to stop carrying it around so no worries there :-)

One of hopefully many more fun projects! And to all your parents who say "oh I'm not the creative type, I could never do that" I'm here to say You ARE and You CAN and your kid will adore you for getting a little messy and having fun with them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I loved doing projects like this with my kidlets! So fun!

  2. That turned out adorable! Adding this to our list, my L would really love making one.


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