Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Do you know Rachel over at Stitched In Color? If not you need to head over there and meet her as soon as you finish here. She rocks.

This is the first easy peasy project from her Curves class and I was able to get it done today people. TO-DAY.
Which is almost a miracle with a child as energetic as mine (not to mention no school today AND a nasty cold, hers not mine).

But thanks to Sesame Street and an extra long nap (poor little sicky) I was able to crank out this adorable bunting!

I originally wanted to hang it over our windows that run along the side of the living room but it's too short. Great reason to make another one in the near future.

But this one fit the mantle perfectly! I'm not going to leave it up with the Valentine's decorations it's a bit much - kind of like battle of the holidays - but as soon as the Valentine's stuff is down this will go up.

The rick rack wasn't in the original pattern but I saw some in the Stitched In Color flickr group that had it and I knew instantly that I needed it on mine too. Rick rack seems like one of those things like salt or chocolate or sleeping in that just makes everything better.

In related news all these supplies came from my stash - I'm trying very hard to use what I've got before buying anymore. The house is just so plug full of stuff. So I'm happy about that. I'm kind of doing the same thing with groceries - what can I make with what I have and how long can I go before I have to go back to the grocery store (ugh) but I think tomorrow will be the end of that streak.

Also, I've been trying to focus more and set more realistic goals for myself - smaller projects that I can actually get done in a reasonable time and reasonable for me these days might be a week of minutes stolen here and there but I'm trying to enjoy the process and stop judging myself for how much I do or don't get done (thanks Brene Brown for the help in that area). As for the focus part? I've found that when I step away from the computer the time I have to get things done in multiplies like magic. What a time suck this computer is! Definitely a love/hate relationship there. So other than checking email in the morning and maybe a blog post, I'm trying to save my surfing time for after the munchkin is in bed - seems to be helping. Hope your week is going well - we're halfway to the weekend! Yay!


  1. I love the rick rack, ack! Yay for one day projects, woot! And yes, computer = total time suck. I'm going to start turning it off after my 1 hour morning ritual, to keep me from 'popping' on which really turns into 2 hours!

  2. Love it! I am so ready to be able to do some crafts around the house again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your bunting is cute! I have the same problem with the computer, damn it!! :-)


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