Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 + 1 Birthday Quilt

Sorry for the less-than-great lighting in these shots but this was the other big birthday sewing project I've been working on. My dear Gram turned...well, lets just say she celebrated a big birthday today on her Leap Year Birthday! We wished we could have been there to celebrate with her but it wasn't in the cards this year. I figured a nice quilt to hug up in would have to be the next best thing. I tried to find some cheerful colors that would look nice in her house and go with her love of all things garden and I think this worked out pretty well.

The fabric is Nature's Chorus by April Cornell, I've had a layer cake and some yardage of it for a quilt for Gram and I was just searching for the right pattern. When I saw the 2 + 1 quilt pattern/tutorial over on Samelia's Mum I knew I'd found it. That pattern actually makes a twin sized bed quilt so I scaled the size down a bit for a lap/couch quilt. I was pleased with the piecing on the front - everything lined up! And then I used the 2 extra blocks I had to piece the back and I loved it. I think the birthday girl did too! We're saving her a rain check on cupcakes until she comes to visit :-)
Happy Birthday Gram (and Great Grammie) - we love you BUNCHES!!


  1. What a sweet gift, Darcy. It's beautiful! I love the diagonal quilting lines.


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