Friday, January 27, 2012

Two awesome recipes (NOT to eat)

Because I know this looks really appetizing. Ha!

But seriously if you have little people at your house this is an amazing (cheap and easy) home made play doh recipe. We are in LOVE with play doh around here and this makes a monster sized ball big enough to thoroughly delight your little person.

I left this batch white (plain, it wasn't truly white-white but more of a beige floury color) and kneaded in plain old glitter as it cooled to make "snow play doh" for snowman day at school yesterday.

My tester hard at work at home.

The Most Awesome Play Dough

2 Tbsp oil (I used canola)
1 C water
(food coloring if desired)

1 C flour
1/2 tsp salt (not kosher)
2 tsp cream of tartar

Heat the oil in your pot until it's warm and shimmery. Remove from heat and add water (and food coloring if you want it).

Mix in all other ingredients. Return to low heat and cook until stirring constantly until mixture thickens/gets firm. Original recipe said 4-5 minutes I think mine took barely 3 so just watch it. Remove from heat and set on plate/waxed paper/cutting board to cool.

I kneaded the glitter in once it cooled (you could probably mix in food coloring the same way). This keeps in a ziploc bag (or other air tight container) indefinitely. Seriously, the first batch I made several weeks ago looks freakishly the exact same - smooth, no smell, no mold - weird but great. I made three batch for school it made 8 generous portions. I made them all at once which worked fine but my shoulder was sore from stirring that giant blob all at once. Just warning you.

Now on to the MIRACLE cream.

Seriously. I am not a gusher or a hugger really or a OOH THIS IS SOOO GREAT kind of girl. Was an art student not a cheerleader. You get the idea. So you can believe my honesty when I say, BEST LOTION EVER.

EVER people.

This comes from an art teacher who has tried many, many lotions for driest dry skin cracked from clay and constantly washing paint brushes. My feet also get cracked and sand-papery in the winter (sorry if that's TMI) and nothing seemed to help them either. Enter the miracle lotion (as it shall now be called).

You take the 3 ingredients you see in the first photo - 16oz (or 15.5 - whatever is close) bottle of baby lotion, 8oz (7.5 oz) vaseline and a 4oz tub of vitamin E cream and you whip (with an electric mixer) all of them together and you get 2 tubs about this size of the most good-smelling, best working lotion. My hands don't hurt, my feet are noticeably smoother and my art teacher BFF says her clay cracked hands are on the mend! I think you could use generic brands for all these and still get great results. I found the vitamin E cream in a 2-pack at Walmart with the lotions, I did have to try a couple of stores before I found it. LOVE THIS LOTION. Thanks to Pinterest (of course) for both these recipes.

We've made it through 2 whole weeks of daddy being gone, just 1 more to go - YAY! Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder and I don't know which of us will be happier to see him home next weekend :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you're in the Atlanta area please feel free to come join us tomorrow morning 9AM till noon at Whipstitch for the Atlanta Modern Sewing Guild meeting! Japanese craft books is our topic this month and I can't wait to get get my sew on - and a HUGE thanks to Nanny (Grandma) for the H sitting!

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