Sunday, January 15, 2012

The photos that inspired me to make a light box.

This past week was mainly about getting my dear husband ready for his Australia trip - he left Friday for three weeks down under (working for almost all of the time, a little traveling for fun at the end). H and I would have loved to join him but it would have been about five THOUSAND dollars in plane tickets. Ouch. We're weren't really sure we wanted to spend that kind of $$ for a trip she wouldn't even remember (lets pretend we actually have that kind of $$ in our budget anyway), so we decided we'll go back as a family someday when we can all participate, enjoy and remember it. Keep me in your thoughts/prayers as I single parent for the next three weeks.

So I did manage to finish three more of these drawstring project bags from Jeni's Drawstring Bag Pattern - they go together so quickly they're kind of addictive! They're just the right size for holding art supplies, a knitting or crochet project or (if you're two) every puzzle piece in the house, a million matchbox cars or your entire magnet collection (good times). I can't decide which of these fabric combinations I love more but I can tell you what I love least - trying to get the exposure right so the colors are true. The top photo was with natural light and the bottom one was with the flash and neither is right. So I think I'm going to use one of the many DIY light box tutorials I've been seeing on Pinterest and build one for myself. Seems like a cheap and relatively easy project that my helper and I can tackle. I'll keep you posted :-) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. We will look after Hubby while he is in our great country for you...such a pity the airfares are just so ridiculously expensive...well, 3 weeks will fly by. The bags are brilliant and so useful...

  2. Your drawstring bags are just wonderful!!! Good luck while hubby is gone!


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