Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well we've survived our first full week of Daddy being gone, only two more to go (which feels like an eternity right about now). H has had some sad moments (mostly when she's already tired) but the miracle of facetime has made us feel MUCH better :-) Talking to someone via a live video still seems like Jetsons technology to me when I stop and think about it. I love it!

So I've been trying to squeeze in a few "fun for mom" moments this week - you know they come during nap time of after bedtime - but I have found some, that's the important thing. So check me out, I made a light box! Nutty looking right? But it took about 30 minutes and mostly stuff I already had around the house - easy, peasy.

Look at how much better those colors look - LOVE this project! The down side was that I made it from a too-small box - that's why it's too bright at the top. The good news is that it's pretty easy to find a bigger box and whip up another one. Oh and the first one can always be recycled - bonus points!

I think on the next one I'm also going to line it with white fabric - I just smacked some white paper in this one to see how it would look and I hate seeing the seem at the bottom corner - ugh. One continuous sheet of fabric or paper will take care of that! So I'm definitely going to make a bigger one and keep around for photographing small projects, I found the directions (via Pinterest) on the (never home) maker blog.

In other news I think I'm finally going to break down and learn to knit - I know how to crochet pretty well but I've resisted learning to knit for years. I figured the last thing I needed was another set of projects to distract me but I've been seeing so many lovely cowls around blogland lately that I think I'm going to give in. Knitting here I come!

I'll leave you with a peek at what Miss H is working on this morning: she grabbed a new pad of post-it notes from our "junk" drawer and a pencil (I've already learned that the scissors and permanent markers had to go live somewhere else) and is busy putting an H on each and every sheet of paper. Oh and she'll get to them all - she is nothing if not thorough.

Two seems to be all about making your mark :-)

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha! Post its! Our wee ones LOVE to get into those too, write just one teeney tiny little mark on each one and go onto the next one, I started to save them for their scrapbook then came to my senses ; )

  2. I am totally building one! Thank you!!


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