Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bulletin Board - first finish of 2012

You know what made me SUPER happy today? Recovering my old, faded bulletin board with woven burlap to make an awesome new spot to pin my little bits and pieces. Then my very helpful husband was kind enough to hang said bulletin board and some other art work that I've had sitting in the corner for oh, the past year.

I was looking for ideas to re-cover or paint bulletin boards this week and I came across this tutorial on Jones Design Company (which I had never seen before but is a really cool blog) showing how to use burlap strips to weave a new cover for an old bulletin board. I loved the texture and then was lucky enough to find this chocolate brown burlap at my local Hancock's. The only thing I did differently was to use hot glue instead of a staple gun and it worked out beautifully. The burlap didn't fray nearly as much as I feared it would (it did shed little "hairs" all over but they were easily wiped up) and the whole thing was done in ONE nap time - sweet.

I feel like I've already seen about two dozen quilts already finished in the new year and I'm not sure how people are getting so much done so quickly - no toddlers? More sleep? More caffeine? If anyone wants to share their tips for getting more accomplished I'm all ears! But for now I am thrilled with how my little sewing corner is shaping up and I'm looking forward to all the action this spot is going to see this year.

It is making me feel very happy indeed! Hope your weekend is finding you happy as well -


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