Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Finish-a-Long

And y'all I desperately need to get some things FINISHED! Talk about Happiness - few things would make me happier than getting that WIP progress list whittled down or dare I say, cleared out. THAT seems like such a dream to me that it almost makes me giggle! But I was thrilled to read Jan's post about the Finish-a-Long that Quilter in the Gap is hosting this year because it seems like just the kick I need to get moving. I know the other part is to not start anything new until some/all of these projects are done so I'm going to do my best to STOP planning new things for now. I doubt I'll be able to stop completely but maybe I can at least stem the tide. I'm also trying to take the long view and plan for the entire year and not just burn myself out trying to get it all done in the first month! I did take photos of ALL my WIP's just to motivate myself but here are the things I'm pretty sure I can (and want) to get done before the end of March. These aren't all quilting projects but they do all need to get finished!

First up: four Noodlehead Gathered Clutches - these were started last summer (late spring?) some time. The crazy thing is that these are so close to being done. What I learned from this project what that I don't like making things assembly line style. Or maybe I would if I hadn't tried to match the thread to each different fabric every step of the way. These were for fun and a couple of gifts and they'll still work (a year late).

Not one but TWO Christmas table runners. I think I might want to lengthen one to better fit our current table. These were started which Christmas, 2008? Yeah, time to get them done. They'll be really cute for next Christmas and I'll pretend I'm ahead of the game.

Another pair of pajama pants. I loved the first pair so much and wear them all the time, so I know I need at least one more pair. Cut these out at Thanksgiving so these are a relatively new addition to the WIP game.

Finally a birthday quilt for my Gram who is turning 80(!) on February 29th. I'd love to have something lovely to give her and I know she'll use this during those upstate NY winters (and springs and summers ;-). I have a layer cake and a couple extra fabrics that I thought would look good in her living room. I just need to pick a pattern and get to it.

I'm excited to get busy and cross some things off the list! Check back with me at the end of the first quarter and see how I did. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. It is great to have you. I appreciate you linking up. I can't wait to watch the progress of your projects. Thanks for playing with us.


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