Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome December!

Today I'm doing a little catching up around here, with a new banner for December (finally) and so I thought I'd share some of the sights of the season around our house.

We took the time yesterday to get our tree and switch the Thanksgiving decorations for the Christmas ones.

I have a whole collection of German smokers that I started way back in the...late 80's? early 90's? I know it was before the wall fell because some of them have DDR stickers on them. Since I ended up marrying into a German family it worked out pretty nicely.

I know my husband will tell me that the color temperature of these photos is all wrong but it was either bright yellow or a little too cool. I let the auto white balance pick and this is what I ended up with. Oh and look at that sleepy, burp-cloth-bearded Santa baby - that photo of her still cracks me up.

This is my new decoration from Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts - how adorable is that? I made the stockings last year from felt. They turned out super tiny but I like them that way!

The little felt houses I bought in years past from an etsy seller who doesn't have anything listed currently, but I LOVE the three of them that I have too.

An overall shot of our built-in bookcases, the main place I get to spiff up the house. Clearly I may need to edit a little more next year but I have a hard time choosing - it's all so fun!

The tree! Look for a night time shot later this month...(all non-breaky ornaments that the doodle bug can re-arrange to her heart's content and she is).

And just to keep it real, here's where the season has spread all over the coffee table - play doh station located just to the left of this shot :-)

Hope you're all getting in the spirit at your place too.

Now on to that lengthy holiday to-sew list!

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  1. EEk! It is so cool seeing the mug rug I made you in your pictures! So glad you like it and it looks festive there I must say. Love those little German smokers too- so cute!
    Very festive in that family room indeed!


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