Friday, December 23, 2011

Tea Wallet stocking stuffer

I know the person getting this little cutie doesn't read the blog, so I'm safe sharing it.

This was one of those great projects that comes together in about a half hour if you have all the pieces (no worries there, my craft room is like a craft warehouse, ahem). It also looks as good as I hoped it would - so satisfying when something comes out the way you hope it will.

I found this tea wallet tutorial over at Handmade Therapy and it was quick, easy and cute. Love that.

Just in case you need a last last minute gift to sew - I can highly recommend this one.

I have just a teensy bit more to sew tonight and then it's on to the family festivities tomorrow and Sunday. So enjoying spending this time with my sweet family and lovely friends - hope you are too!

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