Sunday, December 11, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Yesterday was cookie day at our house and some of my favorite people came over and helped make some yummy holiday treats.

Nana, Aunt Sara, Auntie Jenn and all the Atlanta cousins came. We are really lucky to have fun people close!

I made some cute reindeer cookie (Pinterest inspiration) and Linzer bars, we also had "the dip" for the grown-ups to snack on - mmmm. I had pre-made sugar cookie and gingerbread dough for the kids to roll (read play with) and cut out.

H had lots of helpers and loved every minute of her day - eating chocolate, playing with dough, eating more chocolate - it was totally working out for her!

N and Q were like junior bakers - I think they could easily start their own cookie shop for the holidays next year.

After the baking and lunching came the best part - the decorating!
Frosting and zillions of sprinkles!

"Can I lick this knife? Can I lick it now? Now?"

Look at the concentration!

Look at the beautiful curled hair!

H was a serious sprinkler - she really meant business. I think she completely emptied two or three little jars of sprinkles on to her cookies.

What can I say, she is rather enthusiastic about most everything she does.

Check out these glorious creations - you're not going to see cookies like these in any fancy bakeshop.

No one was accused of being chintzy with the sprinkles.

Such a fun day - our sugar high lasted right up until nap time :-)

Hopefully this'll be the start of a new holiday tradition! I think next year I might just bake a bunch of cookies ahead of time because the decorating was clearly the best part of the day.

Gratuitous twilight tree shot from my lesson on how to photograph a lit tree at night - I have clearly forgotten every tiny thing I learned in photo 101 all those years ago. Thanks to the hubs for the refresher lesson :-) And thanks to all our great family who make the holidays fun!

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  1. Lovely! This would be a great new tradition! And this is a perfect post if you're interested in linking up to Tuesday at the Table this week....I'm thinking I'll post some favorite holiday cookies from our house too!


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