Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am IN LOVE with my new pajama pants - I decided to get rid of all my old, mismatched pj's and make some new ones that are both comfy and stylish. Bingo!

This was some of AMH's Innocent Crush line that I originally bought last summer to make a skirt out of. The skirt never happened so I used this fabric and some Kona denim blue(navy blue? not sure) for the contrast and I'm so happy that I used the "good" fabric instead of saving it any longer. It sometimes seems like clothing never works out for me but these turned out great, which is a thrill (silly but true).

And thanks to my *very* patient husband who made dinner and entertained our child while I finished these up last Thursday mere moments before we left for the airport. If you're going to be visiting and seen in your pj's you need nice ones, right?!

This is the pattern I used - Kwik Sew 3882 - bought from Pink Chalk Fabrics. It was fairly easy, I think from ironing and cutting to finishing up it took about 2 hours total.

I did leave off the pockets as I don't usually carry much around with me while I'm getting ready for bed or sleeping :-)

And now I'm thinking about which fabric I have that I can make another pair from...


  1. I am totally in love withe the Innocent Crush line right now -- and your pants are just perfect in it!

  2. Thanks Amanda - I pretty much love everything AMH does and these pants are SO comfy, wearing them now and so happy. Would wear them everywhere but the hubs didn't love that idea - teehee.


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