Thursday, November 3, 2011

ok, ok, I'll tell you...

It was Anna Griffin that I made quilts for! Anna is a local designer who started with fabulous paper products (scrapbooking, party and wedding invitations and many more lovely things) and has now moved into fabric design.

At the last minute they needed a couple extra quilts for their booth and I was happily able to help them out. My samples are the ones hanging on the right in both photos - much thanks to Kate Murray at Blend Fabrics for the photos and the fun opportunity!

These quilts were fairly simple due to the time constraints but I think the simplicity of the designs showed off the super cute fabrics.

Both lines I worked with were baby/children's fabrics and they were lovely - I would happily use these fabrics for baby baby quilts I make. The designs were colorful and fun and the fabric itself was incredibly soft for quilting fabric and would be perfect for little people.

Like I said before I know I'm a fabric nerd because A) I thought the challenge of getting two quilts done in two days was fun (and when I was done, you know what I felt like doing? That's right, more sewing!) and B) it was thrilling to me to have quilts I made at Quilt Market!

Go have a look at Anna Griffin's website and check out all the lovely fabric she offers - I saw more than one line that made me sit up and take notice (both holiday collections - adorable!) :-)

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