Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Log Cabin and Courthouse Stairs blocks

So I'm taking the online Your First (Modern) Quilt class from Whipstitch and I am LOVING it! I find myself so looking forward to Deborah's posts each day, the videos are very informative, the history and background she provides is super interesting for a sewing nerd like me and then there are the block patterns. What's not to love? I worried that it would all be stuff I knew since I've been quilting for a while but I've really be learning things and even though it's online I feel like we have a pretty vocal and active group of people participating which has made it feel like a "real" class. A win all the way around!

So these are my fist couple of blocks. Of the fabric I showed (and you know I was looking at even MORE combinations that I posted ;-) the clear winner was the autumn fabric mix. I love those fabrics but I hesitated because, well, autumn is almost over and will I want an autumn looking quilt in say January? And shouldn't I be making a holiday gift instead of something for myself at this point in the year? So I realized that I just LOVE those fabrics and I'll love this quilt no matter what time of the year it is. And there's still plenty of time for gift making (just let me tell myself that please!). So jumped in and started cutting!

Have you heard me mention how math impaired I am? No? Well you're about to! Deborah gives us the measurements for either 18" or 12" (finished) blocks - the math is all done - awesome! Did I manage to mess it up anyway? Sure did! I was using the strip size for the larger block but planning on making the smaller one - doh! In the Courthouse Stairs (Steps? Stairs?) one you can see where I realized it was going to be too big and cut the wood fabric smaller before I sewed it on and then realized I'd cut it too small! AARGH! So I added some dark brown Kona around the edges to get it up to 12.5 (unfinished). I actually like how it looks and I'm planning on doing the same thing, same color with some blocks from the 3x6 Bee that are too small to get them up to size. I have a few blocks that I'm hoping to be able to work into the mix by the end, we'll see. Oh and I learned my lesson on the traditional Log Cabin and just trimmed it AFTER it was all sewn. I'm really happy wit both these blocks and very excited that I decided to go with these fabrics!

Next up is the Rail Fence block - I have all my strips cut (the right size this time) and ready to sew during nap time. Hopefully they'll go together pretty quickly and I'll have more blocks to show you tomorrow - yay!

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