Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anna Maria Horner LOVE

This is another quilt that I started a shamefully long time ago (around the same time as the Heather Bailey Quilt, maybe even before...) and I am so ridiculously happy to see it DONE!

Long arm quilting by Brenda Garrison. Binding in a solid Kona brown (no idea which exact one).

I kept the focus on the gorgeous fabrics by just using BIG (18") squares and I'm so glad that I did. I may have also been a bit intimidated by doing anything else as a I was a serious quilting newbie that long ago. But I'm still happy with my choice to let the fabrics stand on their own. (And the more I think about this I think my inspiration was Erin's free picnic blanket tutorial but without the corner pockets).

My only problem with this quilt is deciding which side I love more because I love the back absolutely as much as I love the front. In fact I'm not even sure I would call them "back" and "front", because the "front" seems somehow more important or better than the back and you can see that is absolutely NOT the case here. I used a heavier home dec weight fabric mix on the back because I anticipated this being used as a picnic quilt. No matter where we use it, it just gives it a nice heft. Right now it is currently on the back of the couch just waiting for me to snuggle up under it, which I am planning on doing the absolute FIRST minute I can after wrestling Miss H into bed tonight. Said with love.

And in case you think I don't suffer for my craft, I do. Some days more than others.

Yesterday when I accidentally stitched through my finger (yes, you read that right) was definitely one of those days. I was honestly just thrilled it missed my nail.

You know what I did then, right? Yup, kept on sewing. Does that earn me the Sewing Scout Badge of Honor?


  1. I wanted to compliment the beautiful quilt and then I almost lost my lunch in shared pain with you. Holy heck that looks like it hurts.

  2. Oooh - sorry about that! But I almost lost my lunch when it happened. All better now though :-)


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