Sunday, October 2, 2011

Test Block and Apple Butter

Test block for my 3x6 blocks - looks great right? Right, except that it's barely 12". *sigh* Back to the calculator. At least I only cut the squares for my test one - I've obviously learned something having been around this block before (HAhaha). Ahem, anyway, I'm upping the size of my blocks and trying again. My fabrics are all picked out and ironed, ready to go. As soon as I get the math right I'll have those blocks sewn in no time! That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

So I have to confess I am a wee bit grumpy today - perhaps it's my child who has had a cold/runny nose/cough/ attitude problem for the past week and a half - I mean there is only SO MUCH arguing I can do about putting your shoes on or not squeezing all the juice out of the box onto the couch or getting your hair combed or or or. You get the idea right? I know it's just part of being two but geez, it's making me tired. And grumpy.

So I have spent this precious naptime not cleaning or working on maddening quilt blocks but on listening to music I like and making some crock pot apple butter. I'm using this recipe I found on Pinterest (which I LOVE love love but that's another story). I'm also using my fabulous apple slicer/peeler that I got as a birthday gift. I admit this was an impulse add to my amazon wish list after reading Erin's post about her's but I SO so love it. Look at that long skinny peel in one continuous ribbon and the apple cored and sliced? How could it not be love? So I'm pretending that this cold snap really IS Fall here at last and I'm throwing myself into the spirit of the season, which is my favorite. I know I need a new October banner too but it'll have to wait till later in the week when I can get a good PUMPKIN shot! Wheee! I'm feeling better already :-)

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