Thursday, October 13, 2011

3x6 Blocks DONE

FINALLY! And with barely a day to spare (the deadline is the 15th). I don't know what it was this round but I had a hard time. I thought I knew what block I wanted to do. No, not that block, a different one. Then AAARGH the math. Could NOT make the math work out. Back to the drawing board. Fabrics picked and ironed. Test block done and it works - hooray. Then these blocks (which I know are fairly easy blocks) went together as s l o w as molasses. A bit here, a bit there, sew it together wrong, rip, re-sew, realize it's wrong AGAIN. Bang head on sewing table, rip, get the idea. So I am thrilled that these blocks are done and in the mail. I really love the pattern, it's the Greek Cross Block from the lovely Summer Sampler Series and now I think I may have had enough practice to try them again without fear...maybe ;-)

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