Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the Love of Solids Swap - DONE!

I'm not uploading these photos to flickr until my partner gets her package, which is going in the mail tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with how the pillow turned out - it was a warm/cool HST design based on one I saw on Stitches and Scissors. I knew I was going to use a 20" pillow from IKEA (down! less than $10! sweet!) which made the math pretty easy to do (and you know I need the easy math). My partner likes aqua and the look of hand embroidery. My color inspiration came from thinking about Van Gogh's Iris paintings and all those blues, blue violets, aquas and how they pop when paired with yellow, yellow-orange and golds. My partner said she likes bright colors - I hope she meant it!

There is one sad little spot (to me anyway) where my triangles don't quite line up and looking at it is making me INSANE, so I put my little hoop over it! Brilliant solution! So the swap was one big item and one small item. My partner actually has a hexagon block tutorial on her blog (I'll share a link after she gets it) and I thought it would be fun to use that tutorial to make her a hoop for her sewing room.

So I made a hexagon block (kind of) with a linen center and I embroidered her initial in the center with roughly a million french knots.

The thing is, I love french knots. They relax me. I could make them and make them and make them. So now I'm going to make Miss H one for her room too! Love how it turned out - hope my partner does too :-)

And one last shot of the french knots - don't you just love all that texture? There's more purple in the mix than you can see in this shot but my photo expert is still out of town so this was as good as it was getting for me :-) Still love it!


  1. Thanks so much, Darcy! I love this pillow and hoop! I blogged about your awesome package here:

  2. Such nice swap projects - your pillow is just amazing!


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