Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh Purl, how I love you...

It's US Open time again, which means my dear husband is in NYC for a month (he will get a brief reprieve for a little birthday celebration going on Labor Day weekend) and while I hate it that he's gone for so long I do LOVE the chance to go spend a weekend with him. Thanks to Nana providing babysitting and Aunt Sara helping out, I got to fly up and spend last Saturday on my own in NYC. Uhm, heaven. I walked almost everywhere, meandered into any shop I felt like, including Strand Books and it is amazing. Huge, new and used books and no toddler to chase - delightful. And no visit to the Big Apple would be complete without a visit to Purl. It's just such a lovely bright space with such fun people and supplies - it makes me happy just being there. So here are my purchases, made with Anna Graham's 241 bag in mind - I'm thinking gray and green for the fall. Which I hope is coming SOON ;-)

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