Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making pintuck pleats

I'll warn you right now that there are going to be a LOT of pictures in this post but hopefully they'll help you if you decide to make the Pintuck Clutch from 1,2,3 Sew or use these type pleats on any other project.

I think Ellen's book is awesome but I needed more info about how to get these pleats right. Thankfully I was sewing at Whipstitch on AMSG's project day and there were real live people to set me straight. But what if there hadn't been? I promise you I would still be sitting there scratching my head and sewing it all wrong. SO wrong. But once Theresa (yay Theresa!) showed me how to make them they really were a snap, as evidenced by this second clutch I made in ONE nap time people! ONE! Amazing I tell you. So on to the pleats...

This will work the same way for any size rectangle or square that you're using. First you mark your lines on the front of your fabric, so you know where to fold. I used a fabric marking pen and just marked the edges of my fabric because I was worried that ironing the lines would set them. So mark your lines and then fold along the first line - this photo shows the back.

Iron along that line.

Now flip your fabric over and sew along the edge of the fabric - I just used my presser foot as a guide.

Look, your first little pleat! You're on your way!

Now you flip your fabric back over, so that you can line up your second pleat according to the marks you made, and you iron it down on the BACK.

The first pleat will get ironed again as well.

Now flip your fabric back over to the front side and sew along the folded and ironed edge, all the way across.

Your first pleat will still be on the back (or underneath) of the fabric.

Two pleats done - whoo-hoo!

Fold both pleats to the back and line up your next pleat, then iron.

This will be the pattern for all the remaining pleats, finished pleats ironed to the back along with the new pleat being ironed.

Then sew along the front of the pleat you just lined up and ironed.

Iron to the back, sew along the front, easy-peasy right? I mean, it only took me like 829 photos to demonstrate! Teehee... But seriously, I hope this helps make the pleats go a little easier for you than they did for the me the first time I tried them!

And look, before you know it, you'll be putting pintuck pleats on all kinds of things! I thought they really dressed up your basic zipper pouch and I think they would be great on pillows and maybe a tote...did I mention that once you get the hang of them they're kind of addictive? Consider yourself warned! :-)

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