Monday, July 4, 2011

well, hello again!

Hey there! June passed in a blur but I'm thrilled to report that we made progress in some of our, ahem, problem areas. Our other house is finally really and truly cleaned out and listed for rent - whoo hoo! Then I used a chunk of the almost two weeks that my husband was gone for work to attack our garage that has looked like a Hoarder's episode since we moved in and it looks WAY better! So I was able to go our Atlanta Modern Sewing Guild feeling great about taking a few hours for myself. The lovely Theresa from Whipstitch taught us all how to use elastic thread and folks, it was just as easy as everyone said it would be! In fact, it's my new favorite thing! The tips I can share are 1) don't pull your thread while you are winding your bobbin and 2) make sure you keep your stitch lengths short, around 2, longer stitches just don't give you enough elastic for the stretch you'll need. I printed out the pattern from Heather Ross and then just made my first version with just a large rectangle. I'm going to make the next one with her pattern to compare. I got a little top made for H which she of course took one look at and said "NO, NO, NO!" in perfect almost-two-year old fashion :-) But I'm sure she'll come around sooner or later.

Here's my finished dress, with straps and everything - LOVE it! So comfy and I like the fact that I won't see 12 other people wearing it! The fabric is Momo's Freebird from Whipstitch, and I know they don't have anymore (because I bought the last of it) but you could probably find some on etsy. The colors were so perfect for me, I just couldn't resist!

Our next sewing days for AMSG at Whipstitch are July 9th, 8AM - noon (open sewing, bring whatever project you like) and July 23rd, also 8AM - noon. We picked our project for the 23rd which is going to be the Pintuck Clutch from Ellen Luckett Baker's Sew 1,2,3 book. Several of the girls have already made one and it is adorable - think possible holiday or birthday gifts. You will need a copy of Ellen's book which you can find at Whipstitch or amazon or where ever you like to buy books. I can tell you it has a ton of great projects that will help you build your sewing skills and give you adorable finished products. Plus I like supporting our local sewing peeps! If you haven't made it to a meeting yet we would love to have you come join us! We're on facebook now as well (thanks to Melissa) or you can contact me to be added to our email list if you'd like to be added to our email list.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!

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