Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pattern Review: Market Bag

I'm thrilled to report that I actually got some sewing done over the long weekend! This bag is the Market Bag pattern from Rebeka Lambert over at Artsy-Crafty Babe. I had been saving this piece of AMH's sketchbook fabric for a long time, just looking for a bag pattern that was big enough to showcase the large print. When Beki did her sample make-over post I realized that this was the bag! This bag is fantastic because it's BIG, I mean big enough for a magazine and your lunch and your planner OR your towel and sunscreen and water and book OR (as is usually the case around these parts) your blankie, snacks, sippy cup and a few hundred matchbox cars. The size is just so practical and great! And yes, it would make a wonderful bag for the farmer's market (not that a dirty vegetable will ever touch that AMH fabric). The lining is a print from City Weekend and I added a layer of canvas between the lining and exterior fabric as Beki suggests in her post - the only thing I would do differently is that I made the canvas lining the exact same as the front and back fabric panels and next time I would leave the pleats off the canvas. It just made doing the top stitching around those pleated areas super hard because all those layers were so bulky. No biggie - just a little change for next time. I also added a pocket on the inside because otherwise I'd never see my phone again :-) I loved this bag and I can see myself making more of them! It's available in pdf form from Beki's etsy shop and it is one of the easiest pdf files I've ever printed and taped together - this girl knows her stuff when it comes to pattern design. It's also an easy enough bag for a beginning sew-er to make and feel successful!

And here's a little tip I picked up at one of our AMSG meetings: cut out the piece that shows where the dart goes, then you can trace around it exactly with your marking pen or chalk. I laid mine on the pattern to trace the outside edge too so I got the shape right when cutting around the edge of the bag. This made getting the shape for the darts incredibly easy!

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  1. I think your BFF would love one of these for her birthday.


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