Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New fun

This was a joint Mom and Dad project (with also a little help from Uncle Paul - what can I say, sometimes even a simple project takes a village!). This little tent was actually pretty easy to make with wood from our local Lowe's and a fabric panel from IKEA - found in the children's section flat-folded for about $8 - a steal! I saw this on Grosgrain's 30 Days of Free Patterns (I think it was day 11) and knew my little munchkin would love it and she does! It's a great place for hiding, rolling balls through and just general hanging out. I like that we can fold it flat when we're done playing with it and slide it under the bed or lean it again a wall.

Oh and see that blur in the left of the photo? That's no super hero, faster than a speeding train, that's just my kid's normal speed.

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