Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thanks to a gracious invitation from the Hill people to come and share their mountain retreat for the day, we took a mini-vaca to the mountains with Nana on Wednesday. We had a GREAT day! My child took to the lovely salt-water pool like the proverbial fish to water and we all enjoyed the swimming, playing, snacking and just generally relaxing. Thanks for the invitation Hill people - I'm seriously looking into how much a rental of our own would be next summer.

Oh and those decadent brownies I made can be found here - I did sub pecans for the chocolate chips though - I like the crunch! And then of course I forgot the leftovers - DANG!

Today, back to the real world and waiting for Shane, our friendly A/C repair man to come. The fact that we're on a first name basis should tell you something.

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