Saturday, June 4, 2011

The way we roll

(teehee) I found this recipe for cheesy bacon rolls in the appetizer section on Picky Palate and thought they would make a yummy weekend breakfast treat - let me assure you, they did! I used a tube of the "junior" size buttermilk biscuits from kroger and cheese that I had on had (shredded italian blend on the bottom and mexi blend on the top) and a jar of real bacon pieces. And the pie plate instead of the cast iron skillet worked out just fine - don't you love recipes that are flexible?

Guess who else approved?

We have a ceiling fan getting installed in the craft room today to hopefully help combat the gross 100-degree weather we're having (ugh) and what I'm sure will be a very fun birthday party tomorrow for our favorite almost-four year olds.

Happy weekend peeps!

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