Friday, June 10, 2011

3x6 Blocks all here!

So this was the first Bee I've participated in and I have all my blocks from my partners. It was fun and interesting to see how people interpret the colors and theme you've given. I know it was a bit nerve-wracking for me, trying to decide on colors and fabrics that I thought my partners would like! I also have a new appreciation for the MATH (go ahead and laugh but if you aren't a math person it can be daunting) that goes into making a block fit together properly and turn out the right size. My theme was fall and I asked for "fall" colors - I saw lots of people posting fabrics/colors they liked on flickr and I'll probably do that next go round just to help out my partners. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work! Looking forward to participating in this Bee again!

Oh and my progress on all my UFO's? Well you know how you DECLARE something as in "I am going to get so many things finished this month!" and then God, Fate, Life, the Universe...whatever... just kind of laughs quietly? Yeah, that's been my month since my dear sweet 21-month old daughter has decided that sleep isn't really her thing. And therefore shouldn't be her mama's thing either. For no apparent reason (other than she wants to - which I'm suddenly learning is a bigger part of toddler hood than I realized) my lovely bug is getting up three, four, five times a night. And screaming and staying up and just general mayhem and chaos. So I'm trying to hang in there and cut myself some slack and realize that July is just as good a month as June for getting things done. *sigh*

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