Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Very nice, thank you.

You know what being a mother is? Some days it seems like it's all getting up at 6AM, dirty diapers, spit out food, grumpiness and worse. But not on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was all about sleeping in, breakfast in bed, flowers, gifts and cupcakes. I have a lovely husband who treated me like I hung the moon and a sweet daughter who reminded me why being a mom is pretty great most days.

We had a nice relaxing kind of day with breakfast and lazing about and a leisurely walk to the park in the afternoon. There was even some sewing during naptime! What a treat of a day - I felt like one lucky mom indeed.

Butter cake cupcakes topped with a salted caramel pecan frosting - I made these for my mom (and ok, myself - luckily we both love caramel!). My dear husband claimed that these were the best cupcakes I'd ever made and I have to say I might just agree. That caramel frosting was almost like caramel fudge and I could have (and might have) eaten it with a spoon. Dangerous and delicious!

And the last slouch bag - probably not really the last but the last for now (quilt blocks! Jennifer clutch! table runner...) and it was a gift for my mom. The interior fabric is Alexander Henry's Griffith Park and I could not love it any more than I do. I'm trying to think about whether or not it could be a shirt or a skirt...but I digress. This bag was a plain black twill on the outside and the lovely leaf print on the interior. I so wanted to keep this one for myself, ah, the high road. But no, no, I can always make another! I added a silver and marcasite brooch on the front to dress it up a little and I was really pleased with the overall effect.

Detail of the pin - I settled on something mom can change is she doesn't love it. I hope she likes it enough to actually carry it!

Now back to reality. Waiting on the plumber who may or may not show up tomorrow. Trying to get the garage emptied out of our move-overflow. Interviewing management companies to rent our other house. Oh and a trip to NY next weekend - oh wait, in three short days, to see my favorite baby cousin (*sniff, sniff*) graduate...from COLLEGE! Never a dull moment around here!

If I catch a few moments to sew I may have some more blocks for my 3x6 partners to show and if not this week, then certainly by next. Oh and have I mentioned our next Atlanta Modern Sewing Guild project day at Whipstitch on Saturday May 28th, 8AM till Noon? ;-) We're making the Jennifer clutch from ithinksew.com and it's a cutie (and on sale now for $2.75 - you can't beat that)! Check back for a sample of that coming soon too. Hope everyone has a great week started!

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