Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Darn and YAY!

So last Saturday was our techniques or project sewing day at Whipstitch and even though we had a house full of company coming I was bound and determined to get there and get this adorable bag sewn. BUT my machine had not been right since I had it "serviced", the topstitching was completely loose no matter how I set the tension and it was making me want to cry. Especially after dragging it back (along with my toddler) only to be told that it "worked fine for them". Grrrrrrrrr. So on Saturday after I got all my pieces cut out and my interfacing ironed on and set down to sew I realized that I just couldn't do it. It was so not right. I kind of wanted to cry. Thankfully one of the girls (Meaghan) told me about the place she uses to have her machine serviced and it was open and close so I left early and headed over there, fully prepared to leave my machine and spend whatever it took to get it back to working (the way it was before it was "serviced"). So I went to Southeast Sewing Products (also known as sewingmachine.com) on Ottley Dr. in Atlanta (near Sweetwater for those of you familiar with that area). It took the technician literally 2 minutes and a teeny tiny screwdriver and my machine was working as good as new - YAAAAAAY! Again I could have cried but this time with JOY! All this to say that having to leave early was such a bummer, the Whipstitch girls and everyone who comes to sew are so fun to hang out and chat with that I hated to miss any of that grown-up, creative time with my people (you know, the people who can name all the fabric designers and know when their new lines are coming out and think it is perfectly reasonable to own a machine to cover buttons or set snaps in) but I had to and it paid off. Thankfully. And I can tell you where I'll be getting my machine serviced from now on!!!

So after the company was gone and the doodlebug went down for her nap I pretty much raced to my sewing machine. This bag came together so quickly and easily - I was going for a zakka look and I think I nailed it. Not to brag, just love how it turned out! This is the Jennifer clutch from ithinksew.com and I would highly recommend it. I used a rough linen for the outside and a black and white gingham for the interior. And that little felt and embroidery ladybug? Just for fun.

We are trying to decide which pattern to use for next month's project day so check back. the AMSG meetings for June will be Saturday the 11th (open sew day, bring whatever you're working on) and Saturday June 25th (project day, project tba) both days the shop is kindly opened early for us, from 8AM till noon. If you haven't come yet you really should stop by one Saturday!

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