Monday, May 2, 2011

Crib quilt that actually fits the crib!

I know this is a crazy thought but when I think of a CRIB quilt, I think of one that actually covers the mattress and fits the crib! Clearly not everyone thinks this way because you can find crib quilts and patterns for them that come in literally all sizes. My BFF said when she hears "crib quilt" she thinks of any quilt that you would put over your baby/kid in their crib, so maybe that explains it. BUT what about not using blankets or quilts or any coverings when they're really little? This is where the quilt that fits the bottom snugly comes in! The baby can sleep on TOP of it and you can still cute up your nursery.

We'd been using the same quilt since we brought the "baby" (who is now almost 20 months old) home! So it was time for an update! I used 8 different prints from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line and 8 solids I picked to compliment them. I cut the front pieces 7.5 x 14.5 and used the scraps to make a pieced strip along the back. The room is a kind of light aqua blue so I used pink for the back, knowing it would pop against the walls. I think next time I might up the sizes to 8x15.5 just for a little extra coverage on the sides. Bit overall I LOVE how it turned out! I just did some straight line quilting to echo the fabric shapes and bound it in another print from that same line (Mixed Signals I think) and used Rita's awesome machine sewn binding technique - which I'm getting better at (I do still use 2.5 inch binding though). So this was my weekend project and I'm so happy that it's done! Also so happy that the doodlebug approved and is happily napping on it right now :-)

The other project I've been working on are my first 3x6 Bee blocks - so excited to have my block picked out and all my fabrics cut! More on that later this week!


  1. I heart this quilt! It looks perfect against the white crib, and really looks so nice covering the mattress! *love*!

  2. Love the quilt! I was googling dimensions for a crib quilt and was perplexed at all the different measurements given. I like your idea and I think I'll try the 8 X 15.5 blocks. I'm going to embroider and applique the solid blocks with simple nature doodles. :)

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