Saturday, May 7, 2011

3x6 Test Block

All I can say here is "OOPS". I'd like to say I'd been drinking or something that would give me a reason (excuse) for sewing half my block together exactly backwards but I have none. This WILL be getting ripped and re-sewn later today. But that's why a practice block is a good thing, right? ;-)

Oh and it was only 12.25" - BLERG. Why is it that when I use the foot for my machine that is supposed to be exactly a quarter inch, nothing ends up measuring right in the end? I've actually started sewing LESS than the marked quarter inch to get the right seam allowance - which is crazy to me but seems to work.

TA-DA! Of course after the oops block I was determined to sew a correct one and this time I PAID ATTENTION while I was sewing - oh, what a difference. I LOVE it! I already have all the fabrics cut for my block mates and I can't wait to see how great these are all going to look when they're done. (And this block measured a happy 12.5" - yay!)

This block (Antique Tile) came from an awesome blog that even though apparently quite popular was utterly unknown to me - the Modify Tradition Blog. If you're looking for fantastic block ideas and tutorials I highly recommend it! I am so not a math person and this blog has so many great blocks with very clear and well photographed instructions that it was EASY to understand the block process. Love that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day! I'll be back with my Mother's Day gift next week after it's been gifted :-)

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