Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Atlanta Modern Sewing Guild NEWS!

Hi everyone! The Atlanta Modern Sewing Guild has some exciting news - we are now going to be having TWO sewing days a month at Whipstitch! Not familiar with AMSG? It's just a group of like-minded ladies who meet at Whipstitch to share a love of sewing, meet some new people and get help and/or inspiration - think of a modern sewing circle. Deborah has been gracious enough to support our group with free space to sew and a great atmosphere filled with lovely fabrics and people!

So our NEW schedule is going to be an open sewing day on the second Saturday of every month, from 8AM till noon. The fourth Saturday (also 8 - 12) we're going to have be a project based day, meaning we'll all be working through the same project/pattern together. This day will be perfect for new sewers and anyone who has a fun project they'd like to share or work on together with the group. This will NOT be a class but there will be one person choosing and facilitating that day's project, so anyone who needs some support will have it.

So the dates for April's meeting are the 9th (open sew) and the 23rd will be the project day. I've volunteered to lead the first project and I'm really excited to share this pattern - it's the Ali Foster Slouch Hobo bag. You can find Ali Foster patterns HERE in her etsy shop.

This is a GREAT pattern for you novice bag makers out there, it goes together quickly enough that you'll be able to finish it in one session no problem! The bag in the top photos was done with two IKEA home decorator weight fabrics.

You can use lighter weight quilting cottons as well, you'll just want to add a layer of canvas, fusible fleece or other interfacing to give it a little structure. For my next bag I'm thinking that I'm going to use this Echino for my exterior and a Kona cotton for the lining. Whipstitch has loads of great fabric choices if you'll be shopping on the sewing day. This pattern also includes a magnetic snap closure which is truly very easy and a great thing to learn if you haven't tried one yet. This bag is such a great simple shape and could be changed and customized so easily, I promise once you make it one time, you'll be ready to make another and another.

For the sewing day on April 23rd you will need to purchase your own copy of the pattern and bring it with you - you can bring your own supplies OR find everything you need and more at Whipstitch. If I can answer any questions beforehand please don't hesitate to email me - moderncozy@gmail.com. Hope to see you there!

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