Thursday, February 10, 2011

More zipper pouches

These are made with the same tutorial as in my first post (find it at Toni Coward's Make it Perfect blog).

I used some fat quarters I already had for the front with patchwork and some rikrak for contrast and fun.

I think they're better but still not SQUARE in those corners up by the zipper end. I don't want to see like a perfectionist but it is making me INSANE.

Nice close up of the interior - I love how the red really pops on this one!

I think I might need to make the seam along the zipper edge a little farther away from the zipper, so that the edges have a little more room to lay down on the ends. I'm just guessing here, trying to figure out what to try on the next batch of pouches to get those NICE SQUARE CORNERS. Aaargh.

Remember those stripes-into-squares blocks I made? A couple of the attempts turned into these pouches - cute, no?

Just don't look at the corners.

And the lining colors - yes, all from my extensive stash. The only thing I had to buy was zippers and I HIGHLY recommend buying them here instead of from a store, if you have the time. The difference in price is a little shocking. Now, I could go sweep or scrub something but I think I might just sew...see you later!

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